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Click2Mail Webservices

Click2Mail Webservices allow users to write their own programs to interface with the Click2Mail system. This is particularly handy for automating your direct mailing workflow or adding direct mail functionality to an existing website or program. Our Webservices can help you reduce your operations cost by off loading the expensive and time consuming task of printing, folding and mailing your direct marketing or transactional mailings. You can create a single postcard, a million-piece national mailing, or anything in between.

We offer two flavors of API protocol to best meet your programming style or platform: A SOAP API style and a REST API style. Below is a description of the SOAP interfaces and what products are currently supported through each SOAP API option.


About the MOL: Pro SOAP API interface

The MOL: Pro SOAP API is our latest Soap API. This API exposes the features of our MOL: Pro System. It has a simplified SOAP interface, and exposes many advanced features such as Intelligent Mail Tracking, automatic CASS and NCOA address cleansing, and 1, 3 and 7 day production for advanced production discount structures. Please contact us if you have any questions about this API at 1-855-294-5601 or [email protected].

Products supported by the MOL Pro SOAP API interface

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